The Ultimate Simulation on SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit Game

Since the day SimCity Buildit landed in arcades across the country, EA has been the undisputed king of city simulation games. SimCity series did a good business, other game titles sucked up their share of quarters, but EA was always the innovator. From SimCity 2000 to SimCity 2013, from the first city map to the ultimate third stage of the game, there has always been something new to awe and something fresh to dazzle.

More than a dozen of SimCity titles later, however, there is very little that we haven’t seen. At least that’s what we would have thought had we not played SimCity Buildit, the most unusual city building game to date. The title is based on a city simulation called JoJo’s Venture.

Elements in the game include a small houses, a factory and some of the strangest humans around. Each of the 20 features are used in a vastly different style. Not the typical “this game is just any type of simulation, so we put him in baggy pants” variations but true, completely unique, styles. Playing with SimCity Buildit hack is nothing short of having to play the best simulation game tool ever.

What will separate SimCity Buildit from the huge pack of 3d simulation game is not merely the eclectic cast of characters but the combat system as well. The controls are of the now-standard six-button variety but, along with special tasks, each character is imbued with the power to make a “stand” attack. This attack involves standing perfectly still while the character’s mental energy materializes into a separate entity which can then perform special attacks of its own. These mental projections vary from simple shields and projectiles to monstrous spirit animals.

Combos maps and city planning are performed in classic simulation fashion but with some surprising variations. Some level seem to come from nowhere, and just the experience of having characters that don’t reach each other’s knees means the system has to be incredibly well balanced to work. The stand attacks will throw their own curves into the fighting as well, occasionally allowing characters to attack independently from their projections, effectively turning the battles into two-on-one or even two-on-two frenzies.

Upon its release, the game will feature online social system, training and vs. modes along with a super story mode that has original art and animation. More than just a couple of pictures and some scrolling text, the story mode will really try to recreate the feel of the original SimCity 2013. To make the feel of the comic even more prominent, original artwork will be used for the load screens and most of the interface. This stylized feel is sure to make fans of the SimCity Buildit series happy and makes for a one-of-a-kind experience. As for us, we’re just looking forward to biting the heck out of someone.